Aerial views in various fields of application for the highest demands.

Creation of professional image films from idea to implementation.   



Dynamic, innovative and professional – that’s flightseeing. We use cutting edge high technology drones and camera equipment from leading manufacturers and, in combination with fresh ideas and know-how, reliably realize projects of all kinds. A small selection is available in our showroom.    


Our droning pilots look back on numerous flight hours and many years of experience. We fly almost daily, guaranteeing the highest quality of the aerial picture, as well as safety in the handling of the technology we use. This includes, of course, the acquisition of necessary permits and compliance with legal guidelines. Through the use of camera operators which act in addition to the pilot, we create unique perspectives to enable and prepare enhanced postproduction. The flightseeing drones team is complemented by specialists in video cutting and by the flightseeing event team.

Drones of the latest generation in combination with our experienced pilots with a cinematic background deliver breathtaking aerial images in Ultra HD / 4k quality - bird sights as well as detail pictures.

For innovative viewing angles, direct presentation and inspection, as well as for a coherent image composition, the transmission of the image in HD always takes place from the drone to the ground.

With the help of a GoPro rig with 10 cameras, we produce high-resolution 360° images. This makes us one of the first companies to offer moving 360° aerial videos.    

As our pilot concentrates on the safe flying of the multicopter, an additional gimbal operator controls the camera to capture the best scenes.

The production of image films, event and sports clips as well as moving image content for social media is managed professionally from the idea to the completion.

Prior to each filming session we take care of the necessary permits and, of course, all our drones are insured.


Based on our years of practice as well as countless flying hours, we also fly securely in indoor spaces without GPS reception. In addition, our drones can be handled easily in outdoor settings as well. They are quick to fly and reliable even in difficult weather conditions.    

We use only the latest drone equipment from the world market leader DJI, and we always provide a backup system and bring sufficient batteries for each order to make sure we are able to fly long and even full day missions.

Dresden, Saxony, Germany - but we are also traveling around the world for our customers. Be it on glaciers in Norway, on ships in the Mediterranean or in the Australian Outback - the resulting pictures can be viewed on Instagram.


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CEO Daniel Zenziper 
Nordstraße 29
01099 Dresden
mobile: 0173 6603939